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Robert Gelmanovski, Managing Partner


Robert has for the past 25 years worked with brand management and leadership issues, in Sweden and internationally, focusing on corporate reputation and "living the brand". His background includes positions as director at JKL/MSL-Group, brand manager Unilever, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief at Sweden's leading leadership magazine for the health care sector, Manging Director Universum UK & The Netherlands (employer branding and values research) and Managing partner Corporate Missions (brand-driven business consulting). Robert has advised many leading Swedish, and international, brands and he is a frequent lecturer on branding, leadership and organisational culture.

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Tony Aperia, Ph.D, partner, founder Nordic Brand Academy

Tony holds a doctoral degree in business from Stockholm University and has written several books on brand management. Tony is also co-writer on the European edition of Kevin L Kellers "Strategic Brand Management". Tony lectures at Stockholm University and has also lectured at several well-known universities in China.
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