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knowledge & inspiration

We offer seminars in branding and communication. 


Professionals in leading positions in branding and communication can also join our Engager Network which is bridge between academia and practise in the field of branding and communication. 

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Research & Insight

Insights are key in todays competitive landscape.  


We use science-based tools in order to produce validated insights on reputation, culture and brand personality. With those validated insights we help our clients lay the foundation for a successful, and more cost efficient, strategy.

Nordic Brand is a knowledge and research company, founded by Stockholm University.
Since 2004, we have helped a large number of individuals and organisations to improve insights, knowledge and strategies in branding and reputation.
Several of the strongest brands in the Nordic region as well as globally are among our clients.

Brand strategy

We offer fact-based strategic and operational advisory service. Our advice is grounded in validated insights and our science-based methodology, Brand Leadership Model, help you in building stronger brands and reputation. 


Our filosophy is based on the fact that a strong brand is a differentiating promise that has to be delivered. Therefor we work from both an external and internal perspective with your brand and reputation.

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